Better things may be electric

Date: Monday, November 10, 2008

A well-known leasing and fleet management company, Venson Automotive Solutions, says that operators can save thousands of pounds by switching to small electric vans if possible for stop-start urban delivery work.


It contends that the higher upfront cost and rental rate and lower residual value of an electric van compared with a diesel is offset over four years/60,000 miles by huge savings in servicing and repair expenditure and fuel bills. Its calculations indicate that a small electric van costs 17 per cent less to run than a small diesel.


Running costs of big electric vans aren’t as competitive as their diesel equivalents, it concedes; unless you happen to be making deliveries into central London. If that’s the case then the costs are on a par because electric vehicles are exempt from the congestion tax.

Venson points out a further advantage of going electric; it’s good for your image as an environmentally-responsible corporate citizen.


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