Sweet dreams from Citroën

Date: Monday, August 04, 2008

Citroën has unveiled a new environmental programme for its van range. Called Airdream it reflects the company's pro-active approach to minimising the environmental impact of its LCVs. All Citroën LCVs carrying the Airdream logo meet the following environmental criteria: have CO2 emissions of less than 120g/km, or are fitted with a diesel particulate filter system (DPFS), or meet Powershift Band 4 standards.


In addition it also means that the vehicles are manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified factory and designed to be 95 per cent recoverable (recycling and energy recovery) at end of life.

The Airdream programme currently includes the Nemo 1.4HDi (119g/km), Nemo 1.4HDi SensoDrive (116g/km), C2 Van (113g/km), the new C-Crosser Commercial and Dispatch 2.0HDi 136hp DPFS. The latter two are the first LCVs in Europe to be fitted with an efficient, self regenerating diesel particulate filter system which reduces particulate emissions to virtually immeasurable levels. Also included are the Nemo 1.4i Dual Fuel and Berlingo First 1.4i Dual Fuel vans which meet the Powershift Band 4 requirements.

“Citroën is a European leader in the manufacture of fuel-efficient, green vans. The company's responsible commitment to reduce the environmental impact of its vehicles is now clearly defined by the new Citroën Airdream LCV initiative,” commented Robert Handyside, Citroën's commercial vehicle operations manager.


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