Volkswagen is cooking with gas

Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A massive 1,000 Volkswagen Caddy vans have been ordered by British Gas. All 69hp 2.0-litre SDIs, they're being equipped with a bespoke racking system and a speed-limiter sourced from Siemens. To be delivered before the end of December, they're scheduled to cover 12,000 miles apiece annually over four years.


“We're extending the lifespan of our vehicles from three years to four years and may move to five in the future so we've chosen Caddy as we're impressed with its durability and competitive whole-life costs,” says general manager, fleet, Colin Marriott. “We've had 50 Caddy vans on trial for three years and our experience, plus the feedback from our drivers, has been excellent.”


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