Autogas outlines LPG van conversion benefits

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2016   |  

LPG supplier Autogas is targeting the booming van market in a bid to tackle air pollution.

Autogas is calling on fleets to convert their fleets to run on LPG - liquefied petroleum gas - claiming they could save thousands of pounds at the pumps each year.

There are currently 225 LPG refueling stations across the UK and the firm said it costs around £1500 to convert petrol vehicles to run on the fuel.

"There is an ongoing problem with vans contributing considerably to the UK's poor air quality and the rise in registrations means the situation will only get worse," said Linda Gomersall, general manager at Autogas.

"A lot of van owners and fleet managers are unaware of the benefits associated with converting their vehicles to run on LPG fuel. Not only will it significantly improve emission levels, but it also has the potential for huge cost savings," she added.


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