Iveco unveils Euro6 Daily van range

Date: Friday, April 22, 2016   |   Author: James Dallas

Iveco is set to launch Euro6 versions of its Daily van in June before the emissions legislation becomes mandatory in September.

The manufacturer has used a combination of EGR and SCR technology to comply with the regulation and improve fuel economy by up to a claimed 10% compared to Euro5 models.

Iveco will offer Euro6 3.5-tonne Daily vans with a choice of 2.3- and 3.0-litre diesel engines with outputs ranging from 120hp to 210hp. The powertrains are available with six-speed manual or eight-speed Hi-matic auto transmission, although the most powerful 210hp unit is exclusively wedded to the Hi-matic gearbox.

Until January 2017 the 2.3-litre engine will come with LP-EGR (low pressure exhaust gas recirculation) technology that does not require the addition of the Urea-based Ad- blue solution.

From the beginning of next year, however, Iveco will offer the F1A 2.3 unit with both EGR and the SCR technology, which does necessitate the addition of an Ad-blue tank. The manufacturer said it had compensated for this by reducing the weight of the re-engineered engine by 6%

The EGR engine has 8% lower fuel consumption than the Euro5 unit while the SCR version is a further 2% more frugal, according to Iveco.

The F1C 3.0-litre drivetrain is exclusively offered with SCR technology.

The brand said the EGR engine is best suited for low-mileage work while the SCR system is better matched to heavier duty, long distance assignments.

Iveco said by 2017 its diesel SCR engines would already meet the 2020 European Commission (EC) limits for real driving emissions of NOx that were announced in October 2015 in the wake of the VW emissions-rigging scandal. Under the ruling, real world emissions must not exceed laboratory test results by more than 50%.

Iveco also offers the Daily in CNG (compressed natural gas) and electric versions.

The Euro6 model will be available in panel van, chassis cab, single and crew cab modes.



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