Liverpool develops EV charging points

Date: Tuesday, February 09, 2016   |  

Liverpool has installed 28 electric charging points as part of a scheme to encourage the public and local authorities to decrease their carbon footprints.

Evolt charging points were chosen by the Merseyside city after a full tender process. Fourteen of the points are available for public use at sites around Liverpool, including at railway stations, hospitals and the Seacombe ferry terminal.

The remaining charging points, meanwhile, are placed at points of importance for the local authority, such as council buildings and NHS depots.

“This sets out our commitment to promoting the use of EVs across the region, and this includes installing a charging network for an even greater public take up of environmentally friendly transport,” said Amy Coulson, programme development officer at Merseytravel. “The LCR [Liverpool City Region], which includes seven local authorities, is committed to leading by example and has also recently been awarded funding by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles to introduce 23 Ultra Low Emission Vehicles into its fleets over the coming year.”


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