TfL launches five-year freight and fleet emissions reduction scheme

Date: Thursday, January 28, 2016   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Transport for London has launched a five-year programme to reduce freight and fleet operator emissions.

Backed by van and lorry manufacturers, TfL will host a number of workshops, which will bring together freight and fleet operators, manufacturers, fuel providers and the public sector to improve the efficiency of freight vehicles.

Known as LoCITY, the scheme follows on from the Construction Logistics and Cycle Safety programme, which saw manufacturers and other operators work together to improve road safety.

LoCITY will focus on three main areas:

  • Increasing the availability and affordability of low-emission vans and lorries
  • Improving the alternative fuel infrastructure, such as electric charging points and availability of hydrogen fuel
  • Improving policies, procurement and land use planning to increase the use and viability of low-emission vans and lorries

In addition, TfL will host twice-yearly conferences, which aim to demonstrate -through real-world trials and research – do not negativity impact operations.

These conferences will also draw up new environmental operating standards to adopt.

Meanwhile, TfL said it has been helping to improve the efficiency of van operators by offering guidance to businesses,  and developers to reduce the overall mileage covered by freight vehicles.

“Over the next five years LoCITY will begin improving London's air quality by encouraging the take up of low-emission vehicles,” said Mike Brown, London's transport commissioner. “We're working with vehicle manufacturers, infrastructure providers and the industry to make these vehicles a realistic choice for operators.”

“Together we can improve London's air quality, and by supporting the freight sector - which is essential for our city to function - we will have a real impact,” Brown added.


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