BCA to step up van video service

Date: Thursday, January 23, 2014   |   Author: James Dallas

BCA is to rollout its Commercial Vehicle Video Appraisal service this year following a successful trial in 2013 that saw it scoop the What Van? Innovation of the Year Award for 2014.

The online product allows buyers to view the interior and exterior of vans before making a bid.

BCA’s commercial vehicle boss Duncan Ward said: “We are delighted to announce that vehicles offered by many of the biggest Blue Chip vendors of light commercials will include the BCA Vehicle Video Appraisal service for 2014. We conducted a thorough and comprehensive pilot during 2013 with selected vendors and the results were exceptionally positive.”

Ward claimed the service drove up residual values when used in pre-sale marketing and increased first-time sales percentages.

The Video Appraisal gives the prospective buyer a 360-degree video of the vehicle’s interior, exterior, roof and loadbay condition, which runs in HD format on PC, tablet and mobile devices. It also offers multiple still images with a zoom feature.

According to BCA over 70% of buyers polled during the pilot period said the service gave them the confidence to bid higher, while 73% said they would be more confident to bid via Live Online.

Ward added: “Technological innovation is critical in the online remarketing arena and BCA has taken a well-proven concept from other sectors such as property and reinvented it as part of the vehicle appraisal process.”





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