Innovation Award - sponsored by Trucksmith

Date: Friday, November 10, 2006

Vehicle converter Trucksmith has had a 30-year obsession with resolving issues of payload, poor aerodynamics and the associated challenge of fuel consumption in Luton vans.

It is constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve low-floored Luton conversions, and so the opportunity to sponsor the Innovation category in the What Van? Awards was an easy one, as managing director, Dan Trebble (pictured) explains: “Trucksmith recently celebrated its 30th year of production of low-loading Luton van conversions and today we’re at the forefront of our sector. Early on we identified the limitations of Luton vans in certain sectors, such as the removal and delivery of large items, which are associated with floor height and payload.

“Our approach to overcome such problems was to innovate; to invest in research and development, and make sure we had the right technology, tooling and skilled people to make our ideas a reality. “In this award category there is so much scope for innovation, as we have seen with past winners. For me, the key will be how the innovation is enhancing business efficiency.

“We have invested in new techniques to ensure all Trucksmith products achieve outstanding payload for their class of low-loading vehicles and offer a true loading height of just 550mm (only 450mm with air suspension). It has been key to our vehicles being officially recognised by Renault, Vauxhall and Fiat.

“We have a dedicated and well-resourced research department on site at our Devon factory, so we’re able to continually improve the manufacturing process to enhance efficiency and quality. The class-leading vehicles are now slickly manufactured, with high levels of quality that meet the demands of commercial and fleet buyers of all sizes.”


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