JAMES DALLAS'S BLOG: The burning issue

Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

There is simply no getting away from the burning issue of fuel at the moment in the light commercial vehicle industry, and whether there’s a viable alternative to diesel – the source of power for the vast majority of vans and pick-up trucks on the country’s roads.

When it comes to long-distance assignments there really is little other option.

The limitations of petrol from a fuel economy perspective are well known, while the latest Euro6 diesel powerplants, which are cleaner and more efficient than ever, are the blindingly obvious choice – a fact that is frustratingly overlooked by those in the mainstream media and government, who seem intent on demonising the fuel.

However, for urban operators covering shorter, set routes it’s a different ball game.

With the roll-out of electric vehicle (EV) technology to large vans they begin to make compelling sense for last-mile delivery businesses.

Hence, we run the rule over EV pioneer Renault’s debut plug-in large van, the Master Z.E., to see if it can cut the mustard as a practical, load-lugging city workhorse.

The Master Z.E. will be just one of the many highlights at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham on 24-26 April, and for a full preview of the biggest event in the UK CV industry’s calendar, head here.

James Dallas is the Editor of What Van?


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