NEWS ANALYSIS: All set for the CV Show

Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2018


ONJaama -'My Vehicle -App'


The Jaama stand will showcase new features for the firm’s MyVehicle app.

These include retaining a historic record of vehicle defects, a function for taking photos of critical defects and attaching an off-road vehicle status, a facility that reduces vehicle downtime by combining non-urgent defects into one job, the ability to log vehicle checks even when no defects are found, and drivers being restricted from adding a vehicle to the app if they do not have the required licence to drive it.


SmartWitness will unveil two new products. The DDC100 camera uses infrared imaging and AI machine learning to detect mobile phone usage, tiredness and fatigue at the wheel, while the SmartEye collision-avoidance system checks for lane deviation, vehicle distance, pedestrians and cyclists, and sends alerts to avoid impending incidents.

Both can run live updates to fleet managers.


TrakM8 will showcase two of its innovations. The RH600 is a 4G camera integrating telematics with live-streaming dash cam tech, providing fleet managers with an all-in-one solution that is available as either a single camera, or a dual camera that monitors the driver as well as the road ahead.

Also at the show will be TrackM8 Prime, a vehicle-tracking solution for small to medium-sized fleets that can be bought online.


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