WHAT VAN? AWARDS - WINNER'S PROFILE: Fitting the light fantastic

Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2019   |   Author: James Dallas

Modul-System, formally known as Tevo, has won the Converter Award twice with its lightweight racking and is going for the hat-trick. James Dallas reports

Racking specialist Tevo, as it was known until recently, won our first reader-voted Converter Award back in 2015, and in 2019 it recaptured the prestigious prize.

The reader-voted aspect of the category is important for Andy Gear, sales and marketing director of the firm.

“Winning this award is of the utmost importance to Tevo,” says Gear. “It is an acknowledgement from our customers that we consistently deliver quality, innovation and customer service, making engaging with Tevo an all-round good customer experience.

“It is gratifying we have been nominated every year since its inauguration and have now won the award twice. It confirms that as a business we are heading in the right direction and need to keep up the hard work to be the first to get a hat-trick.”

Gear says the firm will focus on marketing the accolade internally as well as letting customers know about it. He says the What Van? Awards logo will be added to marketing material distributed throughout the year.

On 1 April Tevo changed its name to Modul-System, so what was the thinking behind the decision?

“As many of our customers and partners will be aware, Tevo Limited has been part of the Modul-System group for over 10 years. We feel the time is now right to align our company name with the Modul-System brand,” explains Gear.

Based in Sweden, the Modul-System group is one of the largest racking and CV accessory manufacturers in Europe, with a presence that extends worldwide.

Gear adds: “The majority of products we offer are our own manufactured products as part of the Modul-System group, therefore branding under the name of Modul-System will bring continuity to our UK and European subsidiaries and the connection with the product.”

In the UK the biggest customers have historically come from the utility sector and Gear affirms these fleets continue to hold a significant position in the portfolio.

But more recently the group has seen consistent growth from leasing companies, small businesses, sole traders and logistics providers.

Gear claims Modul-Systems is continuing to grow its market share in all areas of LCV applications.

“We have a hugely diverse range of customers and continue to develop our product range to meet the operational needs of all market sectors,” says Gear. “This includes sole traders with a one-off vehicle requirement up to large multinational fleets who are ordering many hundreds of vehicles at a time. Regardless of the fleet size or application, we supply the same quality products and level of service to support the end-user.”

Modul-System produces storage equipment that can be adapted to all shapes and sizes of light commercials as well as workshops.

As Gear explains: “Our product range is modular with many applications, which means it’s suitable for all LCVs, workshops and even static containers. We believe we provide the most diverse product range in the marketplace, combining quality, flexibility and innovation in the working environment.”

While he claims demand for the whole product range is growing, Gear says the ability to provide a total solution, ensuring an end-to-end service to the customer while delivering whole-life-cost effective products and services is vital to the firm’s success.

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