First seen in the UK at the 2003 Motor Show, the aluminium/plastic Mega range of right-hand drive light commercials was launched at the CV Show in 2004 and is powered by a two cylinder Kubota diesel which is capable of 20hp.

The rear wheels are driven via a CVT gearbox, so there is one forward and one reverse gear, and no clutch. With a top speed of 50-55mph, Aixam claims that the Mega is capable of returning between 60mpg and 70mpg even when fully loaded to its payload limit of just below 500kg. The van’s load area is a respectable 3.0m3.

Due to its small capacity, one of the drawbacks of the Kubota engine is that servicing is required every 3,125 miles; most of the time, however, this is simply an oil and filter change.

There’s also a factory-built electric option powered by 12 lead/gel batteries. It has a claimed range of about 60 miles at a constant 30mph. Recharging takes around eight hours and the payload is reduced by 35kg.

As well as the van, Mega is also available as a chassis cab, pick-up, dropside and even a tipper, and there’s a refrigerated version in the pipeline. Versatility is a Mega trait which is only really matched by Piaggio’s Porter microvan. Mega comes with a two year/unlimited mileage warranty, rising to three years for the engine.



Mega is a small, short distance van aimed at niche markets and should be very economical to run.