For businesses running commercial fleets inside the M25, a cost of anywhere between £625 and £4,375 per year per vehicle (based on daily cost of £12.50 entering ULEZ once or seven days a week) is simply not a sustainable option. However, replacing every van with a newer and more fuel-efficient model is an eye-watering prospect too. And even for those businesses with deep enough pockets, supply chain delays mean replacements can’t necessarily be sourced easily. 

Depending on the location and nature of the business, it may be possible for fleet managers to replace a small number of vehicles, which can be used for any journeys in the ULEZ, while non-compliant vehicles make journeys outside of the zone. The logistical demands of this model, though, are likely to be beyond most smaller businesses. 

Flexible vehicle rental can be a simple, cost-effective and efficient alternative.

Access the right compliant vehicles

Being compliant with CAZ and ULEZ requirements doesn’t have to mean switching to electric. The Europcar fleet includes more than 10,000 commercial vehicles, ranging from small panel vans to crew vans, tippers and traffic management drop sides as well as other specialist vehicles. All vehicles are CAZ compliant – Euro 6 Diesel or Euro 4 Petrol. In addition, when on long-term rental, commercial vehicles can be customised with livery, tow bars, internal racking and more, to suit individual business requirements.

Minimising ULEZ and CAZ charges and fines is possible:

  • Reduce the number of city centre journeys – cut journeys overall, or take fewer trips into the CAZ or ULEZ by using larger compliant vehicles.
  • Replace more polluting vehicles quickly by renting newer, compliant models.
  • Rent compliant vehicles on a long-term basis for regular CAZ or ULEZ journeys, or on an ad-hoc basis for less frequent trips into the city centre.



The Europcar Vans & Trucks Guide helps identify the best van or truck solution for an organisation’s needs. Plus, commercial vehicle experts at a network of 13 specialist vans
and trucks supersites as well as 50 other stations where vans are available can help businesses identify the right solution for each job.

To find out more about how Europcar can support your organisation’s decarbonisation journey visit or call 0371 384 0140