Manheim has drawn on over 100 years’ experience in the wholesale market to help our customers adapt to the post-pandemic environment, which has transformed the way we buy and sell used vehicles. As one of the largest automotive service providers in the country, we made it our personal mission to do the right thing and support our customers in every way possible.  

A new, exciting hybrid auction programme

Feedback from our commercial vehicle customers last year was clear – they wanted to return to physical auctions. So that’s exactly what we did. We’re now proud to have reopened the largest physical auction calendar in the UK today, with commercial vehicles selling from seven locations. Naturally, all auctions are also available virtually through our online auction platform Simulcast, giving our customers the choice to buy and sell how they want. 

We’ve redesigned our commercial vehicle auction programme from the top down to create fast-paced, action-packed sales full of the best stock. We’ve also introduced commercial vehicle sales to new sites such as our Bristol centre and created new weekly national virtual auction. 

The return of hybrid sales has been hugely successful, with more than 5,000 people attending our sites every month, and a significant number of commercial vehicle buyers bidding on fantastic stock from more than 450 commercial vehicle vendors. 

Your green partner, without compromising on performance

Manheim continues to deliver market-leading auction results for our vendors, in fact, we’re only getting better in that regard. Our new hybrid auction programme has directly resulted in a 4.1% average uplift in sales price per vehicle, as well as 77% of vans selling first time. 

Clearly the environmental impact of our industry continues to be an important topic and Manheim continues to lead the way in supporting our customers’ green initiatives. More and more commercial vehicle vendors are looking for their auction partners to help drive down CO2 emissions, and our hybrid auction programme helps them do that by allowing vehicles to be stored and sold from multiple sites at once. This not only reduces transport miles but creates more packed and energetic physical auctions for our buyers, without impacting performance. 

Two-thirds of our vendors have seen a reduction of more than 100 transport miles per unit compared to our competitors as a result, with one fleet provider saving hundreds of thousands in transport movement costs alone.

Whether it’s choice of stock, choice of vendor or choice in the way you buy and sell, Manheim remains your number one remarketing partner in 2023.

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