This month sees the return of our in-depth analysis of the leading light commercial vehicle manufacturers’ websites for the sixth consecutive year.

As ever, it’s fascinating to see what has changed year-on-year and to check out which brands are providing their customers with the most useful online products as digital technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

It’s also alarming to observe the chasm in quality between the best and worst websites, with some manufacturers still failing to appreciate the importance of presenting their products and services in an attractive and easy-to-digest manner online.

Light commercial vehicle websites can still lag behind their passenger car equivalents and it’s disappointing to note that tools such as model configurators are often neglected, particularly when considering the number of options and derivatives available.
Some brands, however, have really grasped the nettle and moved the game on, and it is these that score highly.

James Dallas is the Editor of What Van?