For many van fleets, it may currently be business as usual when it comes to
sourcing new vehicles as diesel continues to dominate. But it pays to plan for a zero-emission future.

Small changes in course now will avoid the so-called ICE-berg facing fleets, when legislation ends the supply of new internal combustion-engined vehicles, or manufacturers end production because combustion engines are no longer profitable.

This may seem like an issue on the distant horizon, but waiting too long to plan could sink your fleet strategy in the future.

Under the ZEV Mandate, the government wants electric vans to make up 10% of new sales this year. By 2028, the target is 48%, by 2030 it will be 70% and by 2035 new diesel and petrol vans will be off the market altogether.

Grosvenor Van Roundtables share transition insights

To support planning and strategy, Grosvenor Leasing is meeting end-user van fleets throughout the country in a series of roundtables to discuss best practice approaches to making the switch.

Our discussions encompass everything from choice lists and manufacturer products through to funding, specification, total cost of ownership, real-world performance, charging infrastructure, charging speeds, servicing, repairs and the all-important issue of engaging with drivers.

For businesses just starting their journey, the focus will be on testing the waters to assess the differences between ICE and EV operations, while others may be more advanced and ready to accelerate transition.

Whatever stage your business has reached, it is important to have an experienced partner on board that works closely with customers to serve your unique needs.

Grosvenor Leasing’s award-winning EV transition consultancy service 0Zone has been guiding and supporting fleets through change for more than five years, offering advice and insights that are essential to shaping your electrification strategy.

Our customer-focused innovations include EValuate, which offers a new entry point to decarbonisation, with two to three-year-old electric vehicles provided on flexible hire periods from one month to three years. 

This is supported by the best customer service in the industry, with empowered teams committed to supporting your business through direct engagement. We don’t rely on call centres, so we can foster the closest working relationships built on knowledge and trust, ensuring we deeply understand your business and how to collaborate on the changes ahead.

Reserve a place on our Van Fleet Roundtables today or contact us to discuss your requirements. Call us on 01536 536 536, visit or email