The importance of delivery vehicles cannot be overstated, especially with today’s online marketplaces where customers often expect their purchase to arrive at their door the very next day. We often take for granted how items travel from local shop shelves to our doors, with hardworking fleets busily making essential deliveries behind the scenes. Dependability and versatility are key traits for these vehicles, two things the IVECO Daily possesses plenty of in delivering missions for fleet and SME customers.

Adapting to each mission, providing class-leading strength, and affording fleets lower running costs, operators have experienced great success with the IVECO Daily.

Celebrating these unsung heroes is the IVECO Daily Mission Awards delivery category – a hotly contested series of accolades for 2022.

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Drink Warehouse UK Ltd – Haynes Trucks

Ensuring a good supply of products was essential for many businesses in the UK this summer. Drink Warehouse UK is responsible for distributing bar supplies such as beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, and dispensary gas. Its new 7.2t IVECO Daily (72C18 Hi-Matic) definitely delivered.

Drink Warehouse UK decided to opt for a 7.2t vehicle over other 7.5t competitors due to the payload benefits the IVECO Daily could offer – something the Bodyworks Solution body takes advantage of. The vehicle’s smaller footprint also proved to be a great advantage in urban areas where larger categories of vehicles would struggle for access. A balance of performance and efficiency was important for this vehicle, with its 180hp diesel engine being perfect for its often hefty cargo while maintaining strong fuel economy. This Daily’s Iveco Telematics Smart Pack also ensures peak performance thanks to over-the-air updates and proactive maintenance reports. The judging panel loved this vehicle’s “implementation of telematics to improve efficiency” and the “impressive payload capacity”.


Flemings of Rosyth Ltd – AM Phillip Trucktech Ltd

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things in life, but Flemings of Rosyth can take away much of that pain with the help of its new IVECO Daily (72C21 Hi Matic). Removals is a tough job for any vehicle, but the IVECO Daily 7.2t with its impressive payload, truck-based chassis, and keen agility makes for an ideal partner for such missions. This Daily is equipped with a Vancraft body and 210hp diesel engine pairing to provide the space and muscle to haul the heaviest of removals loads. The decision to pair the potent diesel engine with the eight-speed Hi-Matic automatic gearbox actually reduces wear and tear thanks to more ratios being available versus a manual option. Utilising an automatic also boosts the overall driving experience, especially when encountering congested urban zones. A great asset fitted to this van is Crosswind Assist, which helps mitigate the effects of crosswinds and gives some additional peace of mind for drivers on wide open roads. The judges commented that this van “features a thoughtful specification for operator comfort and safety”.

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Currys – Northern Commercials South 

When one of the UK’s leading electrical retailers needs a new delivery vehicle, it’s a decision that had to be carefully thought through. Considerations such as payload, cost of ownership, equipment, and the day-to-day hurdles involved in its line of work, needed to be made. After extensive research into all vehicles suitable for Currys’ missions, the IVECO Daily (72C18 Hi Matic) was selected. Manchester-based Alloy Bodies created the lightweight body to help maximise payload, and Curry’s expertise in technology – not to mention its drive for sustainability – led to the fitment of TRAILAR solar panels, which work in conjunction with an intelligent auxiliary split charge battery system. The eight-speed Hi-Matic automatic gearbox was equipped to maximise ease of driving and reduce potential clutch wear. IVECO’s 3XL Elements planned maintenance package allows for better budgeting for the fleet. It includes 24-hour call out and recovery service to reduce potential downtime. Daily Mission judges were impressed by the overall specification, highlighting the great use of solar panels.

The missions

Q1 – Construction and utility

Q2 – Grounds maintenance and forestry

Q3 – Passenger transport and lifestyle

Q4 – Delivery

Could it be you that takes home a Daily Mission Award in 2022? Find out more in the upcoming issues of What Van?

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