Commercial vehicles are an essential link in the delivery chain, responsible for everything from transporting cargo up and down motorways to those last-mile drop-offs. A huge level of diversity enables everything from refrigerated goods to liquid cargo to getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. This sector is a bodybuilder’s paradise, something the IVECO Daily chassis cab and van range relishes.

The highly versatile Daily is perfect for even the most challenging of delivery missions, particularly those with demanding payload and volume needs. This quarter, the IVECO Daily Mission Awards celebrates the delivery sector and the vehicles that make it all possible.

There was no shortage of strong contenders for this category. Here are the finalists.

Heltor class=

Heltor Ltd – South West Truck & Van

As the winter months draw in, it’s time to start thinking about keeping homes cosy and warm. Heltor Ltd is a specialist heating oil and fuel provider, recognisable in its distinctive yellow and blue tankers. The new addition of two 7.2-tonne IVECO Dailys (70C18H) supplied by South West Truck & Van has brought a host of advantages.

Downsizing from a 7.5t vehicle while still able to accommodate a Magyar 4,500L tank comes courtesy of the IVECO Daily’s tough truck-based chassis. The retention of payload is complemented by the Daily being more manoeuvrable than a small truck, while the class-leading turning circle enables easier access to narrow driveways and tight country lanes. Operating throughout Devon and Cornwall, where tight roadways are a common trait, Heltor’s drivers love the ease of operation granted by the new IVECOs.

These highly capable vehicles have been built to strict ADR R111 certification for transporting heating oil, capable of bottom loading and vapour recovery. The IVECO Daily has always worked hand-in-hand with body builders, creating specialised to meet demanding missions. Easily accessible mounting points and a ladder frame chassis makes for a highly adaptable platform. Another benefit of the 7.2t van is the lower fuel and maintenance costs, highlighting how these Dailys can save operators money, especially at a time of rising fuel prices. The Mission Award judges were impressed by the agility benefits the IVECO Dailys afforded Heltor, in addition to the livery that gives a really strong visual image.

TPS Edit class=

Total Pipeline Systems Limited – Walton Summit

Just like commercial vehicles, the pipework that helps support building infrastructure is essential. Lancashire-based Total Pipeline Systems needed a vehicle that was not just agile, but also capable of carrying a multitude of lengthy pipework. A trio of IVECO Daily 4100mm wheelbase chassis (35C16H) complete with a specialised chassis extension forged by Wheelbase Engineering have now been added to their fleet.

The rugged DNA of the IVECO Daily’s chassis means it can cope with the demands of a chassis extension. This gave a substantial six-metre load length while also downsizing from a larger 7.5t truck. The IVECO Daily’s versatility as a platform for bodybuilders makes it the perfect solution for any mission. Each of the vehicles was ordered in the Business Trimline, benefiting from cruise control, electric heated and adjustable mirrors, air conditioning, and front fog lamps. Driver comfort was high priority and so options such as a leather steering wheel, driver’s comfort seat and additional over-windscreen storage boost this specification.

Other Daily’s on the fleet have proven to be strong performers with the 160HP F1C diesel engine. Its strong balance of performance and economy is bolstered by the new manual gearbox that offers one of the most precise shifts in the class as well as featuring extended oil change intervals of 350,000km. 

The judges remarked upon how well this vehicle highlighted the adaptability of the IVECO Daily chassis.

Albion Edit class=

Albion Fine Foods – Northern Commercials

Kent-based Albion Fine Foods trialled an IVECO Daily (50C16) and found it to be such a good fit for its food service delivery mission, it ordered a further 18 vehicles.

The strong 3750mm chassis and bodybuilder-friendly nature enabled Polar Truck & Van to fit a large insulated box body, which can operate as a fridge or freezer. Constructed from lightweight materials, it preserves more than two-tonnes of payload. It also hosts a reversing camera, with the monitor neatly integrated into the rearview mirror for added convenience and functionality, and GPS tracking on each vehicle gives Albion customers live updates on exact delivery times.

The current IVECO Dailys feature a slick six-speed manual transmission, but the next batch – soon to arrive with Albion Fine Foods – will include the class-leading eight-speed Hi-Matic automatic transmission, with a view to transition the full fleet in the future. The Hi-Matic can swap cogs in as little as 200 milliseconds, granting seamless changes and adds to overall refinement. The F1C 3.0-litre diesel engine provides plenty of power and torque even when the vehicle is fully laden. Delivering into central London can be a challenge, but fuel economy is boosted by start/stop technology and the addition of low rolling resistance tyres.

The judges admired how well-executed this conversion is, both in terms of quality and mission focus.

The missions

Q1 – Construction and utility

Q2 – Grounds maintenance and forestry

Q3 – Specialist vehicles

Q4 – Delivery

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