As the weather begins to improve and we all start spending more time outdoors, the hardworking vehicles in grounds maintenance and forestry play a key role in keeping our natural spaces in the best of health. From delivering heavy duty equipment to venturing from paved roads, the finalists of the What Van? IVECO Daily Mission Awards Grounds Maintenance and Forestry class are perfectly equipped for these demanding missions.

Once again this category has yielded some brilliant entries, with judges impressed with the quality of all the IVECO Daily submitted, each taking advantage of this vehicle’s rugged DNA to achieve their missions.

Arbour Division class=

Arbor Division Ltd – North East Truck & Van

Durability is mission-critical when it comes to ground maintenance and forestry, and IVECO’s proven track record on the Arbor Division fleet made the addition of these new vehicles an easy decision. Impressed with the longevity of IVECO Daily in often harsh environments, the tree surgery business’ new IVECO’s (35C16) utilise their strong truck-based chassis and multi-hitch towbar to regularly tow up to 3.5-tonnes of industrial tree chippers. The wood chippings are deposited into a Brit Tipp high-sided Arboriculture tipper body constructed from lightweight aluminium to boost payload capacity.

These IVECO Daily regularly venture from the beaten path, and so not only need to be tough, but also capable in a low-traction environment. A precise six-speed manual gearbox enables maximum driver control, while a locking differential can also be engaged to enhance mechanical grip. Their 3.0-litre diesel engines provide plentiful torque to make strong progress even when fully loaded, aided by Traction Plus and Hill Descent Control.

Driver comfort was also a key consideration for the Tyne & Wear-based company with the inclusion of the Business Pack enhancing the specification. The inclusion of Cruise Control, Manual Air Conditioning and front fog lights adds to the standard Hi-Comfort memory foam seats to create a relaxing, yet functional working environment. Total Cost of Ownership was another factor for Arbor Division, with the Daily providing excellent real-world fuel economy and an extended lifecycle.

Judges were impressed by these mission-focused vehicles and the high levels of safety and quality accreditation Arbor Division maintains.

Down To Earth Tree class=

Down To Earth Tree Management – Northern Commercials 

Taking full advantage of the IVECO Daily’s rugged chassis and exceptional bodybuilding potential, Down To Earth Tree Management could create their perfect chassis cab (35C16). Years of experience in the sector has led it to create a bespoke Southern Vehicle Bodies conversion, consisting of both high sided and sloped backed tipping bodies to maximise versatility. Ladder racking, a tool pod for storage, and a muti-hitch towbar for transporting equipment makes for an IVECO Daily that’s ready for a range of challenging missions.

Since introducing IVECO Daily to its fleet, Down To Earth Tree Management has seen dramatic reductions in vehicle downtime and Total Cost of Ownership. An efficient 3.0-litre 160hp diesel engine is paired with a manual transmission that only requires oil changes every 350,000km and a clutch that’s 18% more durable than its predecessor. Running costs are further reduced thanks to the inclusion of eco-tyres to extend fuel economy. 

Supplied by Northern Commercials, these IVECO Daily are on 2XL Repair and Maintenance contracts, ensuring they are kept in the best condition, while keeping costs affordable and predictable. The ability for these vehicles to undergo maintenance outside of regular working hours further reduces downtime.

Mission Award judges commented on the highly practical nature of this specification and how these vehicles positively impacted fleet ownership costs.

Tail Calon 3 class=

Tai Calon Community Housing – Glenside Commercials

Tai Calon is an environmentally conscious community housing company that used the IVECO Daily’s truck-based chassis to underpin a series of mission-critical vehicles. Each crew chassis cab (35C16) can transport six crew and one driver in addition to their various payloads, helping reduce the carbon footprint of each mission. A pair of lightweight tippers help clear sites, while a vehicle featuring an aluminium cage body collects any fly tipped waste. Another light-weight aluminium tipper-bodied IVECO Daily exploits its up to 3.5-tonne towing capacity to transport a woodchipper with waste being disposed directly into the body without overspill. All were created by Welsh bodybuilder Dragon Fabrications.

IVECO’s experience in building hardy vehicles of all sizes gave the community housing firm confidence in the IVECO Daily to complete its heavy-duty missions that often involve a lot of stopping and starting. Selecting the 3.0-litre diesel engine enables these vehicles to tow and carry substantial payloads with ease, while also providing positive fuel economy.

Tai Calon are also excited to trial the all-electric IVECO eDaily in the future as it offers class-leading payload and towing capacities while delivering zero-emissions. It is targeting net-zero carbon emissions by 2035.

Judges commended the versatility of this IVECO Daily fleet as well as Tai Calon’s commitment to reduce emissions. 

The missions

Q1 – Construction and utility

Q2 – Grounds maintenance and forestry

Q3 – Specialist vehicles

Q4 – Delivery

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