The economic climate has been rocky and unpredictable for so long that stability is a distant memory, and a vague hope for the future. Vehicle acquisition can be slow and expensive, especially for businesses utilising commercial vehicles. Rising maintenance costs are another burden. 

Europcar Vans & Trucks has found that its customers are responding to the current challenges by seeking alternatives to outright vehicle acquisition or inflexible long-term leasing. 

Keith Shorter, UK Vans & Trucks director at Europcar explains: “What we’re hearing from our customers is that they need flexibility when it comes to commercial fleet options. They don’t want to commit to vehicles for 3 or more years that they’re simply not sure they will need. They also don’t want any unexpected surprises when it comes to cost.


“Many businesses also know that they will need to step up to the sustainability agenda in the longer-term, bringing on low and zero emission vehicles as Ultra Low Emission and Clean Air Zones expand across the country, as well as satisfying a moral obligation that we are all feeling. They’re just not certain that what suits their operational needs now, will look the same in 5 years’ time.”

Addressing these challenges, Europcar has developed a solution that provides certainty over vehicle supply and cost for up to three years in a rate that encompasses all the costs of vehicle usage, including maintenance and servicing.

“Businesses are telling us that they like the flexibility of rental for one, two and even three years, rather than committing to outright purchase or other less flexible lease-style solutions”, added Keith Shorter. “However, when looking at a rental solution they also require certainty over costs.”

Customers sign up for one or two years and the rate will not change during that period regardless of any additional costs for servicing or maintenance. They can even cap the price for a third year. 

Delivering important peace of mind in the current uncertain economic climate, and part of Europcar’s Long-Term Van Hire services, the new solution can be applied to any of the van fleet including short and long wheel base, Chapter 8 vehicles, crew cabs and specialist bodied vehicles. It also provides the option for variable mileage requirements and includes free delivery & collection to business or home addresses. Customers must simply commit to a minimum of 12 months, and they will only be subject to a pre-advised fee if they return the vehicle early.

“Commercial vehicles play a critical role in the UK economy. However, many businesses are facing challenging operating conditions and need as much certainty as possible over their costs,” added Shorter. “They also want flexibility that means they’re not directly committed to vehicles for the very long-term.

“Our new long-term van rental solution aims to offer the best of both worlds – the flexibility of rental, with the certainty of cost.”

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