As fleet operators face some of the most critical price hikes in recent history, it is more important than ever to ensure we are making the most of our existing vehicles.

Fuel prices have increased dramatically since 2020, and with supply chain challenges preventing the procurement of electric vehicles in an effort to decarbonise, now is the time to make sure your existing fleet make-up is operating to its full potential.

Geotab provides a telematics solution centred around the following Six Pillars of Innovation to provide a cost effective way of maintaining a fleet, and future-proofing your business.

Productivity: In order to maximise productivity, it is vital to keep track of fuel usage, or battery energy consumption if you are driving an EV. Maintaining a view of energy usage helps inform and develop coaching on efficient driving.

Sustainability: Data insights from telematics solutions can help support a fleet sustainability strategy. For example, insights can deliver sustainability benefits including fuel management reporting that has been shown to reduce idling and overall fuel costs, while the utilisation and efficiency monitoring to right-sized vehicles ensures the most e?cient vehicle for the job.

Optimisation: The efficient performance of a fleet includes everything from driver training and compliance, data preservation, fleet maintenance, contract management, and route planning and optimisation. Telematics provides the tools to keep your fleet on track. Crucially, it allows for planning ahead with predictive maintenance schedules to prevent breakdowns or loss.

Expandability: Geotab’s growing Partner Network allows commercial operators to seamlessly integrate third-party hardware solutions from the Geotab Marketplace to meet their business goals. From sensors and cameras, the mobile apps, our extensive ecosystem is built to help businesses thrive.

Safety: By monitoring and acting on key fleet metrics, fleet operators can proactively decrease the likelihood of collisions to improve driver and operator safety. Having access to custom reports and safety alerts, advanced collision avoidance systems and more allow fleet operators to get to know their drivers better.

Compliance: Fleet Managers use Geotab’s telematics to monitor and improve driver safety on the road. Geotab has a range of solutions to support the Duty of Care, making it easy to track drivers’ hours, set up maintenance reminders, identify speeding and aggressive driving behaviour, and coach drivers.

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