A glance at the SMMT’s figures will tell you where electric vans are heading. Registrations of all-electric models rose by more than 30% last year, and the trend has continued throughout 2023. Blue chip fleets, sole traders and everyone in between are clearly gravitating to the perks of plug-in LCVs. 

e-LCV experience

Renault has long been involved with electric commercial vehicles. The manufacturer began experimenting with the concept as early as 1985, when it developed an EV version of the Renault Express, powered by nickel-zinc batteries. Things really kicked off in 2011 with the arrival of the Kangoo ZE – Renault’s first production electric van. The Maubeuge factory in northern France has since produced more than 90,000 electric Kangoos, and the manufacturer continues to broaden its range of plug-in LCVs.   

The culmination of those efforts is the all new Renault Kangoo E-Tech 100% electric, Renault’s most advanced electric van to date. Completely new from the ground up, the Kangoo E-Tech represents a leap forward in electric van design. It has already made a huge splash in the UK LCV segment, bagging a plethora of prestigious awards and recognitions. 

Awards and recognitions

“Immediate electric power delivery helps the van feel sprightly around town and the increased motor power means strong acceleration continues up to A-road speeds. Refinement is excellent, with a quieter powertrain… [and] ride quality is also impressive, with the van’s suspension having no trouble absorbing ruts and pock marks on urban roads. As for driving dynamics, the steering is accurate, and usefully light around town before weighting up nicely at higher speeds and the van is a willing handler, feeling well planted to the road and responding nicely to inputs in bends.” 

That’s what we at What Van? said when the Kangoo picked up the Compact Van of the Year Gong in the 2023 awards – and we weren’t alone. Publications including What Car?, Company Car and Van, Business Motoring, Van Fleet World, and Auto Express have also piled on the praise in testament to the model’s innovative technology and highly practical cabin and load bay. 

E-Tech 100% electric benefits

The Kangoo E-Tech’s electric drivetrain is one of the chief reasons behind such accolades. It sets the standard in the plug-in LCV segment because it has been designed with on-the-go fleets and drivers in mind. Chief among its perks for businesses is its standard fast-charging. The 22kW 80 DC charger means drivers can top up the battery to 80% range in just 42 minutes via a rapid charger* – easily done within a lunch break. For those occasions when drivers need an extra shot of range as quickly as possible, just six minutes plugged into a rapid charge point is enough for an extra 30 miles.  

From a full charge, the Renault Kangoo E-Tech can cover up to 186 miles and also has a series of tricks up its sleeve to maximise the efficiency of its 100% electric drivetrain. A regenerative braking system – with three modes to toggle the strength of deceleration and energy capture – recovers energy and sends it to the battery any time the driver brakes or decelerates, while the eco mode setting, designed for urban driving, optimises the battery capacity by calibrating the drivetrain for smoother performance and maximum energy recovery. 

Stay connected with the My Renault app

Thermal pre-conditioning is yet another range-boosting feature. Controlled remotely using the My Renault smartphone app^, it preheats the passenger compartment on cold days and activates the air conditioning on warm ones. This takes place while the vehicle is plugged in to a charge point and drawing power from the mains, so the cabin reaches a comfortable temperature before the driver enters, without sapping power from the battery. Drivers can also use the My Renault app^ to check the van’s available range, search for nearby public charge points and, if the van is plugged in, the app can be used to start a charge remotely or schedule it at off-peak times for cheaper and more environmentally friendly top-ups. 

There is more to the all-electric drivetrain than zero emissions and speedy charging. Its responsive acceleration and instant torque perfectly suit urban environments – it dodges London’s ULEZ and clean air zone charges in other cities – and the reduced noise makes for a truly refined driving experience. 

The Kangoo E-Tech also sports an extensive suite of up to 20 Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) features, to help keep drivers safe in or out of the city. Standard ADAS equipment includes rear parking sensors, lane departure warning, active emergency breaking, hill start assist and much more. Optional ADAS features include adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, park assist hands-free parking system, road sign recognition and speed alert and much more. 

Adaptable and versatile

The cargo space and payload capacity have been vastly improved and are highly adaptable, whether its for transporting packages, tools or equipment. 

The loading area is now a capacious 4.2m3 while the L2 version boasts a payload of up to 800kg. Both are exceptional for the small van segment and allow operators to expand their transpiration capabilities by carrying heavier loads without compromising efficiency. For businesses that need to tow hefty extra cargo, the all new Kangoo E-Tech has a towing capacity of 1,500kg, which is again at the forefront of the small LCV class. 

Easy access is essential for last-mile delivery services, with which electric vans are exceptionally popular. Yet another practicality boon is the optional easy inside rack, which folds down from the ceiling and makes it easier to transport long objects such as ladders, leaving the floorspace free of clutter for additional cargo. This not only saves space but is also a safer way to store longer items than traditional roof racks because they are stashed and secured internally. 

Space and convenience

With the all new Kangoo E-Tech’s interior, fleets will find a 21.8L overhead storage rack on the cabin’s upper section. Typically the preserve of much larger commercial vehicles, it is especially useful for applications where drivers tend to carry lots of loose items,
such as hard hats, clipboards or lunchboxes, therefore rendering it ideal for the likes of construction sites. The cabin has a total 44L of available storage space. 

LCVs so often lag behind their passenger car equivalents in the technology stakes. Renault believes fleets and van drivers should have equal access to the latest tech. Which is why the all new Kangoo E-Tech offers an elevated experience for the driver and passengers that transcends its utilitarian purpose. The modern, digital interior is designed with an emphasis on quality, comfort and cutting-edge features, and
sets a new standard in the LCV segment.

The 8in easy link multimedia display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto dominates the centre of the cabin and provides all the essential information that drivers need for a smooth and informed drive. Additionally, a comprehensive connectivity suite includes optional navigation, USB ports, wireless charging for mobile devices and optional connected services. The cabin also includes features such as a writing tablet and smartphone docks – staples for those who use their van as a mobile office – and drivers can see what’s happening behind them, thanks to the optional digital rear-view mirror.

To find out more about how the all new Renault Kangoo E-Tech 100% electric can keep
you and your fleet moving with zero tailpipe emissions, visit: business.renault.co.uk/electric-vehicle-range/kangoo-van-etech-electric