There are many things to consider that have a direct effect on profitability, work efficiency, van performance and in many cases, operating costs. The right upfit done properly can transform your bottom line in ways that you never thought possible. 

Whether you are a single independent tradesperson, contractor or a fleet manager with hundreds of vans under your watch, the right upfit is transformational to a business. And as you’ll discover, it’s essential as brushing your teeth in the morning to make the workday better.

Let’s face it, you’re tough on your van interior. And you should be; it’s part of how your business works. You have dirt, grime, grease, dents, hard impacts, scrapes, and all-around hard knocks as part of your everyday. And as long as your van remains in one piece, you nary give it a second thought, right? In fact, the state of your interior may not even occur to you as an integral element of your success until you see the result of someone who did take notice and went ahead to make their day better with a basic upfit. 

Consider this upfit by SYNC Vehicle Systems. Which van would you like to start and end your day in? Jack Waite posted this compelling conversion.

How do you think your performance, efficiency and just plain good feelings would improve if your mobile workstation went from the one on the left to the one on the right? 

It’s possible, and for much less than you think. 

At Legend Fleet Solutions, your workday inside your van is their whole business. They have developed a simple process that transforms workers-of-the-road like you into legends-of-the-road. 

Ask yourself: What’s the most used, most affected part of your van? The part that needs to be the toughest and most durable.

For Legend, it begins where the workday begins, the step up onto the floor. 

Using cutting edge technology and years of manufacturing experience, Legend has created products that make your workday the best that it can be. 

Two of their most popular floors, Stabiligrip and Evolve combine strength, durability and light weight that not only make your van workspace more comfortable and safer but increase the market value of your vehicle. 

It all comes down to how you want to work, and how much work performance is important to you.  

About Legend Fleet Solutions

Legend was born in 2004 when a British rubber business moved to Canada to expand. The passion has continued, and that same enthusiasm for quality and service continues to drive the company today.

Now with an extensive network of dealers across the UK, Legend Fleet Solutions is committed to providing fleets with ultimate interior protection to protect their investments, with a wide range of products.