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Date: Friday, January 3, 2020

Guide To Conversions

What Van? Guide to Conversions – Your handy guide to the burgeoning light commercial conversion market

The light vehicle conversion marketplace has seen a bit of change since the European Type Approval regulations arrived in April 2013.

Previously the domain of independent experts, conversions are of increasing interest to manufacturers, who have taken to aligning themselves with a number of the independents in order to offer factory-backed or even factory-fitted conversions.

In many cases, users now get the best of both worlds: specialist equipment designed by experts, but with factory warranties, the ability to buy and have the kit serviced through one dealership, and an increased focus by manufacturers on the likes of demo models alongside their in-showroom expertise.

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding in wanting bespoke solutions at the point of acquisition, be it purchase or lease, rather than having the work done once it's in their care.

So as the manufacturers step up to the plate, this guide will help explain everything from the basics of what a conversion is, and the different types on offer, through to the financing, legislation and remarketing of these more specialist vehicles.


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