Dash-cam technology

Date: Wednesday, January 1, 2020


What Van? Guide to Dashcam Technology

Dashboard cameras are the most rapidly growing area of the consumer technology market, and it's a type of tech that fleets are starting to notice because of its myriad benefits – benefits that we explore in this guide.

From financial savings to duty-of-care and security issues, there are many reasons that dashcams could – and probably should - form part of the company van future. Thar's why we’ve looked through the range of issues and benefits of the technology to bring you this informative guide.

The guide provides all the information you need to illustrate to senior management and purse-string holders that it’s well worth investigating how dashcams could be installed, how cost-effectively it can be done and the many ways in which they can make a difference to a fleets' accident record, operational cost and all-round efficiency and effectiveness.

Dashcams are nor a risk-management solution in isolation, but rather something that is most effective when the results are analysed and used to instigate performance improvement.

Quite simply. dashcam technology is an important new tool that can help fleets work more efficiently.


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