Efficient Fleet Management

Date: Tuesday, December 31, 2019

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What Van? Guide to Efficient Van Fleet Management – Get the Most out of your LCV Assets

What Van? has teamed up with leading light commercial vehicle manufacturer Fiat Professional to bring you this guide to running an efficient van, or an efficient fleet of vans.

It's easy to neglect the issue of running costs, dismissing it as something that can't be easily controlled or managed, or something that's too difficult to get to grips with.

At the point of changing vehicles, rather than simple like-for-like replacements, individuals and organisations should be looking at what the van is used for and what it carries, to see if smaller engines or even smaller vans could work just as well. It's a common-sense approach, but in these busy times it’s too easy just to keep doing what you're doing without stopping to think. Vehicle running costs aren't fixed and inevitable - they can be managed and reduced by making intelligent choices using the tight information.

It doesn’t make business sense to continue operating in a set way just because that’s how things have always been done. Similarly, despite vehicle choice being the key component in the process of running efficient LCVs, that doesn't mean there's nothing an intelligent operator can do to control and manage a vehicle's whole-life costs

We've talked to some of the leading experts in the industry across several areas - including vehicle servicing and downtime, technology, fuel management, and the future - to create this comprehensive and useful guide to how best to manage your light commercial vehicles.


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