There’s just the one version, the Enterprise, and it’s powered by the excellent Euro 4 1.4 HDi common rail diesel, also found under the bonnet of the Peugeot 207. Maximum power is 70hp and peak torque of 160Nm occurs at a lowly 1,750rpm. The performance from this smooth power plant is more than adequate and it returned 60mpg during the test period. Even better consumption should be possible with a lighter right foot.


We are happy with the ride, but the handling is spoilt by the electrohydraulic power steering which lacks feedback and is vague at speed. We would have liked the gearchange to be a bit crisper. Excellent brakes, however, and ABS is fitted as standard.


The 0.8m3, 331kg payload cargo area is accessed via a horizontally split tailgate. There’s a top-hinged hatch opened independently of a bottomhinged tailboard. The result is a rather steep 825mm loading height. Four floor-mounted load-tie points are provided and the cab occupants are protected by a full-height mesh grille bulkhead.


The cab is pretty much on par for a small CDV and we found the driving position very comfortable. The digital numeric speedo is an irritation, however, and it doesn’t seem to be that accurate. The revcounter, fuel and temperature gauges are also digital, which is slight overkill in our opinion.


Service intervals are a little short at 12,500 miles, but the warranty is a generous two years unlimited mileage or three years/100,000 miles.



C2 Enterprise is a well-priced package with enviable fuel consumption, but is let down slightly by overassisted lightweight steering.