Relay — and its close cousin the Peugeot Expert — is available with a choice of three Euro 4-compliant common rail HDi four-cylinder diesel engines. Buyers can opt for a 2.2-litre at either 100hp or 120hp, or there’s a 3-litre rated at a very handy 160hp. Peak torque figures for the trio are 250Nm, 320Nm and 400Nm respectively. It’s interesting to note that all three are capable of running on 30 per cent biodiesel without any ill effects; if you can find any.


The 2.2s provide ample performance and will undoubtedly be the big sellers, but the superb 3-litre might be the option for heavy duty operators or the blue light services. All the engines are refined and smooth-running and all models come with disc brakes all-round and ABS, although adaptive ESP is resigned to the options list.


Available at gross vehicle weights of 3.0, 3.3, 3.5 and 4.0 tonne, the Relay can offer load capacities from 8.0m3 all the way up to 17.0m3; the old model peakedat 14.0m3. This is thanks to a choice of  three wheelbases and roof heights and four body lengths. Gross payloads range from 1,100kg to just under 2,000kg.


The all-new cab is a giant leap forwards compared to that of the previous models. There’s an amazing amount of storage space, including two large gloveboxes, one of which is lockable. We would heartily recommend fitting a full bulkhead, however, as there’s a great deal of in-cab noise without one.


A first in the UK van market, Citroën has decided to fit Trafficmaster’s Smatnav sat nav system as standard, if you want it or not.



The latest generation Relay is a significant step forwards and will undoubtedly do well.