One in six (16%) business drivers feel invincible while driving, according to research from telematics provider Masternaut.

LCV drivers are least likely to feel invincible, with 10% of drivers claiming they never consider their safety while behind the wheel. This contrasts with 26% of public transport drivers saying they felt untouchable on the road at all times.

Just under one in five (17%) of fleet car drivers said they never think about personal safety on the road.

On the other hand, 15% of business drivers said they feel vulnerable all of the time when they are on the road. The telematics company surveyed 2000 UK employees that drive as part of their job.

Motorways were cited as the most unsafe type of road with 27% of drivers concerned about their safety, while drivers also felt unsafe on rural roads with 25% saying they didn’t feel safe, rising to 36% among LCV drivers.

“Our research shows that a high percentage of business drivers don’t consider their safety to be at risk – despite driving being amongst the most dangerous profession,” said Steve Towe, chief commercial officer at Masternaut.