Citroën rolls out 2007 Ready to Run conversions

Date: Monday, July 2, 2007


Very few operators use light commercials without some sort of customisation being required so that the vehicles are tailored to suit to job in hand.

Taking delivery of a vehicle and then immediately sending it off to a converter not only wastes time when it could be earning its living, but it also means that there will be two warranties running in tandem. This is far from being an ideal situation.

As a consequence many manufacturers offer a selection of off-the-peg conversions and Citroën has been at the forefront of this approach for some years. It's 'Ready to Run' range for 2007 has been expanded and all products have benefited from an on-going round of improvements.

All Ready to Run bodies, conversions and add-on packages are covered by each converter to match the standard Citroën warranty; two-year unlimited mileage or three years/100,000 miles.

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