Only the best will do for used buyers

Date: Thursday, May 15, 2008

While clean used vans prepared to high standards are still in strong demand, anything that looks a bit frayed around the edges will suffer in the used market. So says George Alexander, chief commercial vehicle editor at price guide EurotaxGlass's.
“Buyers at auctions have lost their appetite for anything that requires work to be done on it,” he observes.

“Citroën's Berlingo, for example, continues to attract attention, but with the growing volume available buyers have become choosy, cherry-picking the best examples with sensible mileages that are supported by a full service history,” he continues. “Those that don't make the grade see their values dip sharply.”

“Healthy demand continues for the right vehicles, with damaged and high mileage stock approached with more caution,” says Alex Wright, commercial vehicle sales director at auctioneer Manheim.


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