Transit stretched to the limit

Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ford's Transit XXL is a one-off stretch limousine based on two short-wheelbase Transit Tourneos that will carry the driver plus seven passengers in full VIP comfort.


Created by Ford's commercial vehicle development team based at the Dunton Technical Centre in Essex, at 7.4m it's probably the longest Transit in the world. By comparison, a standard Tourneo is just 4.9m or thereabouts in length. Wheelbases are 5,900mm and 2,900mm respectively.

XXL has four full sliding doors — two on each side — privacy glass and a floor-to-roof carpeted bulkhead behind the rearmost pair of seats which creates a separate luggage compartment accessible solely through the tailgate-style back door.

Power comes courtesy of a standard 2.2-litre 130 bhp Duratorq TDCi diesel engine. It's married to a five-speed gearbox specially adapted and tuned for optimum gearing to deliver enhanced mid-range performance, and the vehicle is equipped with an upgraded braking system.

Hen nights in Essex will never be the same again.


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