Ultra-high-mileage Sprinter drives new van deal

Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So impressed was company boss Gordon O'Hara with his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter after it clocked up getting on for a whopping 600,000 miles that he decided to invest in another one. A new-generation 315CDI is now lining up next to the ten-year-old 312D at Bradford-based Goss International, a privately owned freight forwarder and haulage company with specialist knowledge of the Italian market.


A chassis cab, the newcomer has been fitted with a platform body with a lightweight, removable frame-mounted cover by White Rose Truck Bodies of Bradford. It's also been equipped with a cab-top sleeper pod courtesy of Hatcher Components.

“Our old Sprinter has been a fantastic workhorse,” says O'Hara. “It's been all over Europe and we've never had any problems with it. We'll continue to run it until it dies, but I reckon it has a good few years left in it yet.”


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