New L200 to feature pioneering technology,

Date: Monday, November 17, 2014   |  

The new Mitsubishi L200 coming next July won’t be as radical a design step as the current model was when launched but it will feature innovation new to the sector, promises UK Mitsubishi boss Lance Bradley.

Discussions over pricing and spec are currently being finalized with the factory in Japan, but Bradley told What Van? that there are “very interesting new features available in the new truck that we’ll certainly incorporate into the new line-up, stuff not available on any pick-up”. He wouldn’t reveal what that would involve, only that it covers both mechanical and technological initiatives.

The new model will run alongside the outgoing one for a few months, though not the 12 months of the last model as Bradley explained the styling is not such a huge change. “The last one ran alongside its predecessor for 12 months, and there was a specific reason for that,” he said. “We knew the current one was a very radical departure from the past and would get a reaction,  and some customers preferred the old one so we kept the previous version.”

“We will run the current one alongside but only for three months,” he continued. “It’s not as radical a change, the last one was a very traditional square pick-up and the current one is more curved and different, it’s clearly different but not the huge shock we had last time.”

More details will be available next year, with first specification and pictures expected in the spring.

Fiat Professional has announced it has reached an agreement with Mitsubishi to launch its own pick-up based on the next L200.


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