London Assembly surveying van drivers

Date: Friday, July 24, 2015   |  

The London Assembly Committee is canvassing Londoners views on commercial vehicle activity in the capital ahead of a meeting in September.

The powerful lobbyists claim light commercial traffic makes up 13% of all London’s road traffic, equating to around 7300 vans per hour during the morning peak.

It said Transport for London and the retail and logistics industries needs to find ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of commercial traffic in London.

The committee wants opinions to inform its investigations on:

  • To what extent does light commercial traffic contribute to traffic congestion in London, relative to other forms of road user?
  • What is the current and future impact of light commercial traffic on road congestion?
  • How can drones, cycles and electric vehicles reduce the impact of commercial traffic in London?
  • Will sustainable delivery option, such as Click&Collect, out-of-hours deliveries, consolidation centres and vans as a substitute for HGVs, reduce commercial traffic and how can these services be enhanced

Written submissions should be sent to by 4 September 2015.


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