RAC switches to Renault Master vans for its Fuel Patrols

Date: Monday, December 7, 2015   |   Author: James Dallas

The RAC has ordered 26 Renault Master vans for use by its Fuel Patrols.

The vans, the first the motoring organisation has taken on from the French brand, have been converted to assist RAC members who have mis-fuelled their own vehicles.

They have replaced The RAC’s existing fleet of Ford Transit Fuel Patrol vans.

In addition to providing a recovery service for drivers who have put the wrong fuel into their vehicles, the patrols will attend callouts for flat batteries and wheel changes with the vans carrying replacement batteries and the RAC’s universal spare wheel.

The RAC said it opted for the Master vans because of their increased payload capacity of up to 1684kg, meaning they can accommodate all the kit the patrols require, including a 300-litre tank and engine-draining equipment, which can only be accessed through the rear doors, while providing sufficient working space in the body of the van. The vans also carry enough spare fuel to enable the customer to reach the nearest service station.

The RAC chose the front-wheel-drive, short-wheelbase, low-roof Master panel van. All 26 vans feature the Business trim level and are powered by the 2.3-litre dCi 125 turbo diesel engine.

The Fuel Patrol vans are expected to cover an average of 25,000 miles a year.

The vehicles were supplied by Renault Birmingham, and leased through the RAC’s leasing partner, Hitachi.

The converted Master vans are priced from £23,300, excluding VAT.




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