Slight increase in used van values in March, says BCA

Date: Monday, April 13, 2015   |  

The average price of an LCV sold at auction increased by £84 in March compared to February, according to the latest BCA Pulse report.

Year-on-year, average values were up by £59 compared to March 2014, while the age and mileage fell - the average van is two months younger and 1600 miles less travelled compared to March 2014.

Values for fleet and lease vans averaged £6609 in March, up £76 compared to February's figure, while year-on-year values were down by £440. A BCA spokesman said this change "reflects a strong market in 2014 and more volume in 2015."

"We continue to see rising volumes of poor condition or similar model vans reaching the used market, which is creating some pressure on average values," said BCA's head of commercial vehicles, Duncan Ward. "We have been predicting a tipping point in used values for some time and both fleet/lease and dealer part-exchange vans averaged lower values in March 2015 than a year ago."


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