Fixing potholes tops van drivers’ list of demands

Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2017   |  

Repairing potholes has topped a list of van driver wishes.

According to new research by Mercedes-Benz Vans, 60% of the 2,000 drivers, owners and operators polled believe addressing problems with potholes should be a Government priority.

It isn’t surprising that pothole issues top the agenda, as the survey also found that two-thirds of those polled have to had to pay for van repairs in the last year as a result of pothole damage, with the average repair bill costing £411.

Second on the list of motoring demands is better parking provision in towns (43%), while investment in bypasses to ease bottlenecks (34%) rounded out the top three.

According to Mercedes’ findings, 15% of a delivery driver’s working day is lost due to congestion, which can equate to six hours a week of lost productivity.

Fourth on the list of motoring needs is widening motorways (24%), followed by an increase in road traffic police numbers (19%).

However, it seems van drivers are divided on whether speed cameras are a good thing or a bad thing – 17% said fewer speed cameras are required, while 16% said that more speed cameras are needed.

Rounding out the list of 10 road policy priorities is better training for drivers (14%), getting rid of smart motorway schemes (6%) and introducing more toll roads (4%).

“With almost 4.2 million van drivers on our roads – around one in 10 of all vehicles on our highways – the voice of this important group of motorists needs to be heard,” said Steve Bridge, managing director of Mercedes-Benz Vans. “Our research clearly highlights that potholes and congestion actually cost these hard-working business men and women serious amounts of money, both in repair bills and time lost, which isn’t acceptable.”

He added: “We are urging van drivers, therefore, to report any potholes they come across to the local council. While it may seem time-consuming, there are a number of ways to do this online and via apps to help alert to and ultimately fix the issue.”


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