Ford Transit is most stolen van of 2016

Date: Monday, July 3, 2017   |  

Stolen vehicle recovery expert Tracker is urging van owners to ramp up the security systems on their LCVs after it revealed almost half a million pounds worth of vans were stolen and recovered last year.

Tracker said the Ford Transit holds the dubious honour of being the most stolen van of 2016, accounting for more than half of the LCVs retrieved by the firm last year.

According to Andy Barrs, head of police liaison at Tracker, almost 5,500 Transits were pinched last year, compared with 4,000 in 2015.

Tracker added that the average value of stolen and recovered vans was £15,467 excluding VAT, with 44% of the vans being taken using the van owner’s keys. London also proved to be a hotspot for crime, as 44% of the incidents last year occurred in the capital.

Tracker said the theft of vans hits businesses in the wallet thanks to a loss of earnings while a replacement is sourced as well as the costs associated with the loss of tools and equipment.

“Although using a tracker may not stop vehicles from being stolen in the first place, it dramatically increases the likelihood of them being recovered before it’s too late,” Barrs said.


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