Northgate places £2.5m order with Isuzu for new D-Max

Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017   |  

Vehicle hire giant Northgate has placed a multi-million pound order for the new Isuzu D-Max pick-up following the model’s UK debut at the CV Show last month.

According to Northgate, the £2.5m order “underlines the strength of the Isuzu partnership.”

“The new D-Max vehicle is a better proposition than ever. Not only has it retained its 3.5 tonne towing capability, it also has no AdBlue, better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions than the earlier version,” said Eddie Aston, managing director of Northgate Vehicle Hire. ”As a business, Northgate seeks to provide the best vehicle in each category. Isuzu certainly ticks the box in the pick-up sector.”

The firm said the previous-generation model proved to be a popular choice on its 50,000 vehicle-strong fleet, and said it chose the new model thanks to its low running costs, a five-year warranty and claimed class-leading RVs.


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