Van tyre ‘hotel’ launched by Ford

Date: Monday, October 24, 2016   |  

Ford is offering to store summer tyres for fleet and retail van owners who fit winter tyres to their vehicles, resolving the inconvenience of having to store tyres when not in use.

Its ‘tyre hotel’ service will store a customer’s summer tyres for up to six months for £22 a tyre, although a spokesman for the company told What Van? this price is negotiable should customers want to store tyres for shorter periods of time.

The UK’s largest LCV manufacturer is to provide the service across its entire model range and said more than 150 of its dealers are offering the option.  

Winter tyres reduce braking distances by up to 20% when compared with summer tyres in temperatures below 7 degrees centigrade.  

Fast-fitter Kwik Fit also offers a similar service for £15 per tyre.


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