Vauxhall shows off racing-inspired van concepts

Date: Friday, March 31, 2017   |  

Vauxhall has revealed two motorsport-inspired van concepts to gauge customer interest.

Designed to celebrate the firm’s commercial vehicle partnership with the British Superbike Championship, which was announced last week, the vans will be on display at all UK BSB meetings throughout the season.

The concepts are the Vauxhall van division’s first in more than 10 years.

“These two concept vehicles are the perfect way to celebrate our commercial vehicle partnership with BSB,” said Steve Bryant, Vauxhall’s head of commercial vehicle brand. “We can’t wait to take them up and down the country to all UK BSB events this season and gauge customer reaction to these versatile and stunning-looking vehicles.”

Vivaro race van concept

Designed with racking company Sortimo, the van’s cargo layout is flexible, allowing it to be transformed to support track-day or off-road motorcycling.

The interior of the van features both fixed racking and removable mobile workstations, while Vauxhall said it has allocated space for paddock stands, fuel, spare tyres and racing kit.

The exterior, meanwhile, features the Vauxhall griffin riding a motorcycle, and the livery was designed by Motormode.

Movano race van concept

Also designed with Sortimo, the vehicle has been designed to provide support to smaller outfits. Its cargo layout is fixed, and like the Vivaro, it features both racking and workbenches.

Unlike the Vivaro, it also features an awning to allow teams to work on the motorcycle over the course of a race weekend.


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