Merc picks-up the pace for X-Class launch

Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017   |   Author: James Dallas

Mercedes-Benz is to ramp up the promotion of its X-Class pick-up truck by running an advert in cinema trailers for the new Star Wars movie from mid-December until February 2018.

The advert for the X-Class, which goes on sale in November, has already been released on social media channels.

Entitled ‘Follow’ the promotional film is designed to highlight the versatility of the X-Class in combining off-road capability with a high standard of safety and driving dynamics on-road. Mercedes claimed the advert illustrates how the pick-up truck will appeal to drivers ranging from lifestyle customers to farmers.

Mercedes has not yet confirmed prices for the X-Class but they are expected to range from about £27,200 to more than £40,000, excluding VAT.



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