Unhealthy van driver stereotypes unfair, says VW

Date: Thursday, January 25, 2018   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Britain’s van drivers have a more health-conscious lifestyle than people might expect, with some following healthy diets and making regular trips to the gym, according to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Research commissioned by the brand found that the average van driver works out twice a week, with more than one in 10 heading to the gym at least five times a week.

And instead of grabbing food on the go, one in seven will make their own packed lunch, with one in 10 also claiming to eat a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and salad while on the road.

Researchers from Onepoll.com also found that 41% of van drivers will swap sugary and salty snacks for salads and fruit as they try to eat as healthily as possible.

A VW spokesman said: “This research seems to show that nowadays, van drivers are leading a much healthier lifestyle than you might expect.

“Rather than grabbing whatever they can while out on the road, they are tucking into homemade lunches of salad and fruit – a far cry from the food you might expect them to be eating.”

More than three quarters of van drivers do some form of exercise every week, with those in the West Midlands doing the most – three times a week on average – and those in Scotland the least.

Football is the favourite sport of 54% of van drivers, but 29% prefer rugby.

Other activities of choice include golf, tennis, cycling and scuba diving.

The research also found that many drivers claim to be more polite, patient and understanding on the road than the old ‘white van man’ stereotype would suggest.

In fact 39% were concerned about this stereotype, while 27% went as far as to say they think it’s unfair.

Six in 10 said they are courteous drivers and half claimed to be polite and understanding, while 47% have stopped to help road users who have broken down or been involved in an accident.

The research, surveyed 500 van drivers across regions in the United Kingdom, and in another blow to the ‘white van man’ stereotype 43% were women.

When is came to preferred radio stations, more than a quarter chose Radio 2, while 23% listen to Heart and one in 10 chooses Classic FM.

And in terms of hobbies, 35% enjoy reading, 25% cooking, 22% going to the theatre, 15% drawing, and 10% collecting antiques.



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