Anchor Vans introduces geolocation app

Date: Thursday, June 28, 2018   |   Author: Sean Keywood

LCV hypermarket Anchor Vans has introduced a new app to help make its operations more efficient.

The Where Am I Parked? app uses geolocation to establish the exact location where each of Anchor Vans’ stock vehicles was last parked, to significantly reduce the labour time of the sales, driver and prep teams involved in finding vehicles.

With more than 500 vehicles parked on one three-acre site and a further 200 on an additional two smaller sites, the firm says it would previously often take a team member 15 to 20 minutes to locate each vehicle.

The scale of Anchor Vans' operation requires 20 to 50 vehicles to be moved every day, with even a 10 minute time for each move costing the company the equivalent of an entire day's salary.

Once the app has been bedded in, the firm plans to feed its data through to the Anchor Vans customer website, where prospective buyers will be able to see where the vehicles in which they are most interested are located, saving them time too.

Anchor Vans managing director Simon Joyce said: “The development of our new app will revolutionise our day-to-day business.

“With over 700 vehicles parked across three on-site locations at any one time, locating specific vehicles has previously been a time-heavy challenge.

“Now, our sales, driver and prep teams can carry out their work in a fraction of the time, saving time, hassle and money."

Anchor Vans says the new app comes at an exciting time, as it is also set to expand its site near Reading, with planning permission granted for the development of a former landfill site at Padworth.

The firm says the regeneration of this site will give its valeting centre a new permanent home, and create additional space for transporters to unload away from the busy A4.


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