Call for vans to be allowed to use bus lanes

Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2018   |   Author: Sean Keywood

A call for van drivers on their way to urgent jobs to be allowed to use bus and taxi lanes has been made by leasing company

The firm has written to transport secretary Chris Grayling with the proposal for traffic to be made to give way to vans at junctions, and to pull over to let vans overtake more easily. says vans should get priority as delays on the way to a job impact the UK economy.

In the letter to Grayling, a spokesman for said: “Britain’s army of van drivers are the life blood of the UK economy.

“Without their tireless actions Great Britain would grind to a halt. Could you imagine a world without builders or plasterers? Without plumbers or electricians? Us neither.

“Yet these essential professions are penalised every day by having to share roads with leisure drivers, commuters and parents on school runs.

“Van drivers are forced to look on powerless at empty bus and taxi lanes while they edge along in rush hour traffic.

“Often these tradesmen and women will be on their way to an urgent job - perhaps someone’s home is flooded, a wall has toppled over or an electricity supply has failed. It makes little difference, the van driver  is still at the mercy of the road network.

“Buses and taxis have priority lanes, why not van drivers too? It makes common sense to utilise these lanes for van drivers and it will ease traffic congestion for car drivers too.”

The spokesman said the letter to Grayling was sent earlier this week and was awaiting a reply.

 He said: “What we are saying to Chris Grayling is, look, you have the power to do something about this. Let’s take some positive action which proves how seriously the government supports UK business.

“Let’s give our van drivers the respect they deserve by introducing measures which give them right of way, which take them out of the jams and lets them get on with the job.

“At this time of Brexit uncertainty it would send a clear message that Britain is open for business and even the van drivers are fully supported.”



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