Lease a van, get a free website

Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2018   |   Author: Tony Rock

Customers signing up for a new lease deal will be offered a professionally built website

Vehicle lease and contract hire company Northern Vehicles Group (NVG) has launched a programme aimed at self-employed people who have either recently set up in business or are about to.

Called Helping Hand, it has been launched with the intention of providing useful additional benefits to NVG customers.

In what the company plans to be the first of series of benefits, customers signing up for a new lease deal on a van will be offered a professionally built, designed and written brochure-type website free-of-charge.

NVG says the customer will own the site, domain and content, meaning they can move it to whichever host company they want whenever they wish. The sites, from web design firm Sites43, do not carry advertising, offer 24/7 support, and will be connected to a customer’s social media platforms too.

Explaining the thinking behind the offer, NVG director David Cooke said: “I know from experience that when you run a small business or set one up there are a million things that need to be done. Overnight, you become the finance officer, the cleaner, the sales team, the administration department – in fact, you are responsible for everything.

“We want to work closely with our customers, help to grow their businesses and provide access to a plethora of useful resources that will afford them the time to concentrate on actually doing their business.”

Sites43 technical director Adam Smith added: “Of course, there are various offers available across the web for people to get a free website and whilst these may be okay for hobbies, clubs or societies, are they really the best choice for a business?

“It is quite easy to identify free websites, and what impression does that leave with customers and potential customers? First impressions count. You believe in your business, you want your customers to believe too. An individually built, designed and maintained website is one way people can create that all-important first impression.”

Smith continued: “Additionally, most free websites tie you to their system and, if your business grows, you may find you have to start again from scratch to get the features and functionality you need - or you might have to pay through the nose to get it.”


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