Multi-make compatibility added to Ford Telematics

Date: Friday, November 13, 2020   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Ford says its in-house fleet management system is now also compatible with non-Ford vehicles.

The new multi-make functionality allows fleet managers to integrate their entire fleets into the Ford Telematics desktop app, regardless of manufacturer.

According to Ford, the system is compatible with most vehicles built since 2015, and works using a plug-in device that connects to each vehicle via an OBD2 port or wiring harness.

The new multi-make functionality also coincides with the new Ford Telematics Drive app, compatible with Android and iOS devices.

It allows drivers to electronically select and pair to a vehicle, carry out daily checks, and report any defects, with all the details supplied to the fleet manager.

Ford Commercial Solutions Europe director Dave Phatak said: “We know that many of our customers operate multi-make fleets, but also want to use Ford Telematics’ advanced capabilities. 

“Our enhanced platform provides exciting new tools to boost productivity for our customers, not only delivering multi-make capability, but also a companion app that will bring new efficiencies to their fleet operations.” 


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