Nissan launches official XL Voltia conversion of e-NV200

Date: Friday, May 8, 2020   |   Author: Illya Verpraet

The XL Voltia conversion, which enlarges the cargo space of the Nissan electric e-NV200, will now be offered as an official Nissan-approved conversion.

The conversion was developed by Slovakian firm Voltia and the Bevan Group. It uses the Nissan e-NV200 model with the 40kWh battery and CHAdeMO DC fast charging capability. The standard e-NV200 has a range on the combined WLTP cycle of 124 miles.

The Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia features a cargo bay with standing room that is easily accessed via the larger rear doors. At up to 8m3, load volume is 90% larger than that of the standard e-NV200.

The conversion can now be ordered through Nissan dealers, with the vehicles built in the UK and Ireland by En-Veco, which is part of the Bevan Group and is already running a fleet of demonstrator vehicles.

Manuel Burdiel Alvaro, Nissan’s general manager Europe, LCV sales and business development, said: “The light commercial vehicle segment will play a key role in optimising urban last-mile delivery for a more sustainable future. We believe the Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia provides the perfect solution to achieve significant progress towards that goal.

Voltia managing director Juraj Ulehla added: “Partnering with a global automaker like Nissan truly reinforces the quality of our vehicles. Our collaborative efforts reinforce our shared view that evolving the LCV segment will be crucial for facilitating cost-effective and sustainable end-to-end delivery, for large and small businesses alike.”




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